Rutgers-NYU Center for Asian Health Promotion and Equity

Led by Soko Setoguchi, the Rutgers-NYU Center for Asian Health Promotion and Equity (CAHPE) aims to:  
  1. Provide leadership, organizational communication, and evaluation systems designed to achieve the overarching goals of supporting high-quality and enduring inter-disciplinary research on cardiometabolic and mental health outcomes among Asian adults.   
  2. Guide solicitation and selection of up to 5 pilot studies per year to conduct interdisciplinary and translational cardiometabolic and mental health research in diverse Asian populations, ensuring scientifically rigorous pilot projects.   
  3. Implement the two interdisciplinary, translational, and synergistic R01-like projects with a specific focus on: Nutritional and Dementia Caregiving Interventions to multi-prong target diverse Asian population with high risk for cardiometabolic disease and mental health distress.   
  4. Enhance, track, and evaluate existing infrastructure to support and synchronize the pilot and center projects to utilize tools, methods, and theories from translational, mechanistic clinical research that support successful of pilot and developmental projects resulting in impactful findings.   
  5. Disseminate these findings to the local, regional, and national levels in order to inform the design of future prevention/intervention research commodities that will ultimately inform practice and policy.  
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Call for Pilot Proposals: Request for Applications