Administration Core

Cultivating Collaboration, Amplifying Impact: Advancing Asian Health Equity

Administration Core

The Administrative Core (AC) led by MPIs Setoguchi and Wu, will play a central role in organizing, integrating, and managing multi-institution resources to maximize the overall productivity of our proposed Rutgers-NYU Center for Asian Health Promotion and Equity (CAHPE). This AC includes: Recognized experts and leaders in health disparity, intervention, prevention, cardiometabolic, and mental health research across Asian populations with strong records in productivity, leadership, and mentorship; 2) Significant resources through Rutgers/NYU/Hunter CUNY; 3) A well-designed team science infrastructure to support Pilot and Center Research Project investigators; 4) Strong and broad connections to practice and policy and the community, state, and national levels.

The AC leaders Drs. Setoguchi and Wu, along with the assembled coinvestigators, executive committee, external advisory committee, and community advisory board have extensive experience successfully conducting health equity translational research on prevention, treatment, and management of cardiometabolic and mental health disease outcomes among Asian populations through a cultural lens, as do other members of the center faculty. Resources and support will come from substantial institution-wide infrastructure that will provide steadfast support in accomplishing our CAHPE mission.  

The AC will establish mechanisms and infrastructure that promote community, interaction, and integration to allow Pilot and Center Research Project investigators to work synergistically on their projects. The AC will also ensure that Pilot and Center Research Project investigators have full access to the time and experience of the transdisciplinary core faculty, both individually and in group settings across Rutgers/NYU. The AC will collaborate with the Executive Committee, External Advisory Committee, and Community Steering Committee to integrate the interdisciplinary research through the perspective of academic, community, state, and national leadership. The AC will provide strong leadership along with the infrastructure and administrative support needed to orchestrate the Investigator Development Core, Community Engagement Core, and 2 Research Projects into an integrated center and take advantage of the rich environments at Rutgers and NYU. AC specific aims are:

1) Oversee all Center for Asian Health Promotion and Equity activities, ensure effective implementation and fiscal administration and create and sustain mechanisms;

2) Maximize and coordinate use of resources and provide mechanisms for interactions and data harmonization between Pilot and Center Research Project investigators, researchers, and colleagues across Rutgers, NYU, the P50 Coordinating Center, and NIMHD Centers;

3) Provide oversight and support to enhance the success of the Pilot program and track and evaluate investigators; and

4) Provide systematic, objective, and formal evaluation of each core and the Center as a whole using established benchmarks and regular feedback about Center activities in order to iteratively improve the Rutgers-NYU Center for Asian Health Promotion and Equity.

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