Partners & Affiliates

This extraordinary research is made possible by our diverse supporters and partners.

Partners & Affiliates

R21 Phone sensors to detect healthy shifts in drinking behavior

Stevens Institute of Technology, Dr. Sang Won Bae
University of Texas Health Sciences Center, Dr. Eun Young Mun

Ashley Grosso Lab

North Jersey Community Research Initiative
Makerere University (Uganda)
University of Illinois Chicago

Tea Team Lab

Diversity Equity and Inclusion Research Consultants
Whitman Walker
Weill Cornell Medicine Program for Substance Use and Stigma of Addiction
Judy Moskowitz and the PPHIG Lab

The Stress Lab

Biopsychosocial Health Lab, Wayne State University
Michigan Center for Urban African American Aging Research
Rutgers-NYU Center for Asian Health Promotion and Equity

Carolyn Sartor Lab

Washington University School of Medicine
Baylor University
University of Florida
Dartmouth College