Yanping Jiang
Yanping Jiang, Ph.D.
Instructor, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Social isolation has been consistently linked to various medical illnesses, including depression and cardiovascular disease(CVD)in older adults. Older immigrants, particularly older Asian immigrants, have been suggested to be disproportionately affected by social isolation. The biopsychosocial mechanisms through which social isolation affects health, however, have not been examined in older Asian immigrants, which, therefore,hamperseffortsto promote health equity in this population. This proposed study, adopting a mixed-methods approach, willinvestigate the daily biopsychosocialdynamics linking social isolation to depression and CVD. We will recruit 30 community-dwelling older Chinese immigrants (15 living alone, 15 living with others) in New Jersey to (Aim 1) determine the mediation role of dailysolitude and loneliness and salivary cortisol in the associations between social isolation and depressive symptoms and blood pressure(a surrogateendpoint of CVD), (Aim 2) identify unmeasured factors underlying these associations using semi-structured interviews, and (Aim 3) critically evaluate the feasibility and acceptability of the smartphone-based ecological momentary assessment along with salivary cortisol collectionand daily blood pressure monitoringin older Asian immigrants. Results from this proposed study will beused to support a planned R01 application aiming to uncover the key biopsychosocial mechanisms through which social isolation contributes to the development of CVD and depressioninolder Asian immigrants. This proposed study is well aligned with the CAHPE P50’s goals, asstudyfindings will improve understanding of biopsychosocial factors contributing to poor mental and cardiometabolic health in US older Asianadultsand,therefore, willinform future intervention efforts.